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    Why we believe strongly in HTML5

    Javra Software has been working full time on the HTML5 client for over 2 years now.

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    Magento creates custom index

    We know that indexer is used to index EAV database (or other database models) to Flat database

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    Why shoppers prefer tablets over smart phones

    Modern tablets and Smart phones have undoubtedly become a go to devices as shoppers continuously engage...

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    Javra News

    JAVRA IDE Progress Modernizing Webinar

    JAVRA successfully conducted its first interactive webinar communicating JAVRA’s thought leadership to explain insights, take on progress modernization;

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    9th Annual JSC Grand Event was a Blast!

    Thank you to our incredible JSC committee members who did a superb job in organizing the grand event of Javra and bringing the employees together.

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    JAVRA Software Nepal, our subsidiary unit celebrated 8th Anniversary on 29/04/2014.

    During this special occasion, our Chief Executive Officer Mr. Frank Mollers announced, “we had our first major commercial project completely based on our HTML5 client solution and that the transformation

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    Why we believe strongly in HTML5 and our "HTML5 Client for Progress

    Now with the release of our HTML5 client for Progress (version 7) we completely eliminated the progress / .Net clients and give customers the opportunity to develop their application completely via a browser. Mostly via drag and drop.

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    Working hard on the new Roparun App 2014

    The longest non-stop relay race in the world, “Roparun”(short for ROtterdam to PAris RUN) is a unique running event with the distance of approximately 330 miles covered by the teams in 30-48 hours

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    Javra China attends NBSO opening ceremony at Chengdu

    On May 10th, Travis Liu, General Manager of Javra Software China attended the opening ceremony of the Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) at Chengdu

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What clients say about Javra

"Smooth and stable transition of character based Progress application to a HTML5 web application, on time and on budget! "- Frans Fels, PF Concept

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