Why Javra?

  • With more than 14 years of experience, over 120 staffs in our offices at Netherlands, Nepal and China we deliver efficient result at high speed that are cost effective at the same time
  • We believe that we are the only company in the world who offers HTML5 Progress Client for Legacy Progress Software modernization to give your old application the best available interface in the market and boost for the next 10 years without losing your investment in your current software
  • Build intuitive apps for your Business with our expertise in Mobile Apps development (iOS, Android, Windows 8)
  • Make efficient management decisions with our Business Intelligence solution
  • Build world class web shops with experienced Magento eCommerce developers
  • Leverage our SharePoint proficiency to create custom functionalities that align with your specific business needs

Smooth and stable transition of character / host based to a GUI independent and event driven system was guaranteed by the X/E Files Framework.
                              - Frans Fels, PF Concept

Flexibility and speed in making our software applications is made possible by the X/E Files Business Application Platform of Javra Software
                              - Jan van Dijk, Attema



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